Beginning my career as a National Park Ranger after college,

I have been inherently drawn to public service.

While working in Louisiana as a Park Ranger, I had an opportunity to help evacuate people during Hurricane Katrina and witnessed how certain communities are more impacted than others. I left the National Park Ranger position for law school with an ambition to become an expert in environmental law and learn how to effectively fight for environmental justice. After law school, my passion led me to reach out to Assemblymember Barbara Lifton with a greater vision to advocate for our community.

While working closely on both district and state issues, I witnessed how structural inequalities are prevalent in our society at every turn from the school funding gap to the gender gap to racial disparities in the health system. As I am deeply concerned about the structural inequalities, I decided to run for the Assembly in order to bring the reforms we need to see in our community and greater society. I believe that I am the candidate best positioned to advocate for our community, given my extensive experience and knowledge about the inner workings of the state legislature as well as my passion to bring change to our community.

I was a key insider in the seven year battle to ban hydrofracking, and have many environmental successes for the district, the state, and as a model for the nation over the years. I will continue to lead the fight against Harmful Algal Blooms that harm our lakes and waterways. I will lead the fight against fossil fuel infrastructure that locks us into increased greenhouse gas emissions. I will also lead the fight for land and water protections. I have been able to lead on environmental legislation for NY-125 already and if you care about environmental protection, I will never let you down as your Assemblymember.

Building on my state experience, I have expanded my expertise, attaining leadership roles at the national and international level. As Chair of an American Bar Association International Law Committee I led a webinar about refugee human rights for the Rohingya in Myanmar, and have presented at law conferences across the world. I led an international wildlife conservation law reform initiative in Namibia in 2016-17.


I was recognized as a Top 40 Under 40 Rising Star in NYS policy and politics by City and State magazine in 2018 for my work as Counsel with Barbara Lifton, and was one of 48 officials from across the country in the Council of State Governments 2019 Henry Toll National Fellowship -- one of the nation’s premier leadership development programs for state government officials. I am also a member of the Tompkins County and Town of Ithaca Democratic Committees.

I have a BA in History from Cornell University, a J.D. from Tulane Law School, and am a graduate of Ithaca High School. 

In my free time I enjoy canoeing, curling (see my photos below), astronomy, and writing electronic music. 

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